Fully-Managed Security Services
Stay ahead of threats with our comprehensive managed security services that detect, protect and respond to cyberattacks without huge investments in new technology and staff.

IDC Reports on Managed Security Services Leaders

IDC outlines key consideration criteria for choosing a MSS provider and explains why CenturyLink is a solid performer.
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Insights for the Public Sector

DDoS Mitigation
Don’t let DDoS attacks have devastating effects.

Distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) are on the rise in frequency, complexity and cost. Over half of all enterprise IT leaders report experiencing at least one DDoS attack. Protecting your network, servers, customer data, billing records and intellectual property from DDoS attacks is more critical, and yet more simple, than ever.

CenturyLink® DDoS Mitigation Services are available to protect customers from attacks almost anywhere. Whether your data is hosted inside a CenturyLink data center, on-premise at your location, inside a hybrid or cloud environment, or across a third party network, we have the right solution to stop unwanted traffic from disrupting your business.

Cybersecurity for
the Public Sector
Explore our 5 security competencies.

Today's businesses demand 24x7x365 availability of information and services. CenturyLink offers resilient cloud services that keep your applications and data continuously available. Learn how CenturyLink high availability best practices can protect your company from unplanned or extended outages.

Provides high-availability applications using CenturyLink best practices.


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